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From the brand’s birth on a small beach in Hawaii to one of the premier luxury eyeglasses on the market, Maui Jim’s unique story is nothing short of fascinating. If you are looking for a place to find these gorgeous glasses and want a personalized shopping experience, The Optical Shoppe is your home for Maui Jim Glasses in Metairie. Our customers love our eclectic selection of Maui Jim’s as they strike the perfect balance of design and eye protection.



Inspired By Color, Clarity and Detail

What makes a pair of Maui Jims stand out from others? Maui Jims were created on the ideals of “living life to the fullest”. They bring a burst of color to the mundane, and help you see everything for its beauty. Color, clarity, and detail are the three pillars for what every pair of Maui Jim aims to bring to those who wear them. Every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology. This means that you can go forth confidently, knowing that your eyes are protected.

Benefits Galore

Not only do Maui Jims help you look your best, but they also provide many benefits for your eyes. Some of these benefits include:

  • Glare elimination - PolarizedPlus2 lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, which allows you to see color and details with more precision

  • Color enhancement - Rather than causing your to see things with a faded or dim perspective like other sunglasses, the PolarizedPlus2 lenses enhances colors so that you see vibrant, saturated colors with a greater level of contrast

  • Eye health - PolarizedPlus2 lenses act like sunscreen for your eyes, eliminating 100% of UV radiation and keeping your eyes at their best

  • Lens protection - PolarizedPlus2 lenses utilize a variety of technologies to enhance durability and convenience

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