Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Who Should Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Digital eyestrain is one of the most common problems among people who use digital screens for long periods of time. Many use blue light glasses to help with digital eyestrain. Blue light lenses help by absorbing a lot of the blue light produced by digital devices.

Some people claim that the blue light produced by digital devices is the source of eyestrain. However, research shows that eyestrain comes from more than exposure to blue light.

Blue light from the sun is essential in the regulation of circadian rhythms. We constantly expose ourselves to blue light from digital devices, which can adversely affect our health. This is because blue light has a relationship with headaches, eyestrain, and sleep disruption.

What Are the Effects of Blue Light?

You are a good candidate for wearing blue light glasses if you experience any of the following conditions:


Eyestrain develops when you use digital devices for long periods. The eyestrain develops because of the blue light produced by the device and the flickering of the LED screens. It also occurs due to reduced blinking to maintain focus for long periods.

Most people do not recognize eyestrain as a problem. They put it off as a regular event when using digital devices. However, you can alleviate the eyestrain you get from digital devices by using blue light glasses.


Blue light leads to several adverse effects like headaches. These develop after using digital devices for prolonged periods. Sometimes, you might not be aware of the developing headache and ignore it altogether. Headaches are widespread for people with overly sensitive eyes. However, you can reduce the frequency of these headaches by wearing blue light glasses when using digital devices.

Trouble Sleeping

Blue light directly impacts our circadian rhythms and stops the production of a hormone linked to sleep. This means that using digital devices in the hours before you sleep can cause you to have trouble sleeping. Blue light glasses reduce the digital devices' effect on sleep. If you work late hours, you may benefit from wearing these glasses.

Dry Eyes

The use of digital devices has been linked to a minimized blink rate. This can cause you to have dry eyes. This is aggravated further by the flickering blue light. You can use artificial tears to help with dry eyes, and blue light glasses will also assist in reducing the effects.

When Do You Need to Wear Blue Light Glasses?



  • When Using a Computer

Manufacturers suggest wearing blue light glasses every time you use the computer.

  • When Using a Tablet or Smartphone

It would be good to have your blue light glasses for extended periods when you use your phone or tablet.

  • Around the Home

Our homes have LEDs that emit blue light. You can wear your blue light glasses to reduce the effect of these on your eyes.

For more on blue light glasses, visit Optical Shoppe at our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can also call (225) 209-9928 to learn more.

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