The Best Designer Eyewear Brands

The Best Designer Eyewear Brands

The Best Designer Eyewear Brands

The Best Designer Eyewear Brands

The Best Designer Eyewear Brands

Whether it is sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, small details of your outfit can have an impact. Your eyewear can become a signature of your style since they last for a long time. For this reason, you need to give your eyes the quality and style they deserve. To help you with that, here is a compilation of the best designer eyewear brands.

Oliver Peoples®

Oliver Peoples® bears the heritage of crafting frames since 1987. It focuses on delivering the highest quality of luxury eyewear. It draws heavily from vintage styles, blending them with the contemporary to create beautiful luxury eyewear. It also gets inspiration from art, fashion, film, and music. For this, the brand enjoys a considerable reputation among fashionistas and celebrities.

Oliver Peoples prides itself on impeccable quality, with many of its frames using titanium and beta-titanium. The brand balances outstanding durability with lightweight comfort.


The brand is famous among celebrities. Referencing its base in New Orleans, Krewe names its styles after different landmarks in the city. For example, St. Louis is a major artery in the French Quarter. The metal bridge across the frames is an inspiration from the cast-iron balconies that line the streets in this area.

The connection between the product and the place may not matter to everybody. However, the brand aims to deliver quality, luxury eyewear while serving its community. It also provides free prescription lenses to local in-need high school students.


These Danish frames are customizable and made to order. It means you have control over designing your eyewear frames. It gives you the design, details, and materials you prefer, and you choose the color, shape, and size you want. The eyewear frames are handmade with your name on them. They also have a serial number that applies only to you.


The brand serves the most discerning clientele, reaffirming its position on individuality. It also prides itself on being the world’s only epiluxury brand. Epiluxury denotes it is above luxury. It is the true essence of rare luxury. The brand asks itself the question—“What is luxury?”—and sets on a quest to create a new segment within the market.

It forges relationships within entertainment, culture, sports, and style to give bold character frames. It also uses innovative technology to design new interpretations of timeless shapes.


Persol® is a favorite among race car drivers, pilots, and Hollywood royalty. It oozes Italian elegance without compromising durability—whether on the red carpet or the race track. Persol is over a century old, making it a true classic. You can customize its glasses and sunglasses with prescription lenses so you can add style to your look.

Persol is one of the few companies that does not outsource its manufacturing. Every pair is handmade in Italy. Its eyewear is high quality, and you can recognize its style by the metal hinges at the temple. Along the hinge is a hallmark feature of an arrow. It commemorates the company’s history, prestige, and excellence in the eyewear industry.

For more on the best designer eyewear brands, visit Optical Shoppe at our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can also call (225) 209-9928 to learn more.

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