Metairie Sunglasses Store Sells High-Quality Brands

The Optical Shoppe is a Metairie sunglasses store that is proud to be able to sell high-quality sunglass brands. However, we do more than sell fashion. We sell eye safety and health as well. At The Optical Shoppe, we know how important glasses can be in terms of protecting your eyes.



Metairie Sunglass Store

The Optical Shoppe in Metairie is located on Metairie Road, near Langenstein’s. The store sells  some of the highest quality sunglass brands on the market right now. This includes:

●      Costa

●      Maui Jim

●      Krewe

●      Ray Ban

●      Gucci

●      Tom Ford

●      Prada

●      And many more!

These represent some of the most highly sought after and fashion-forward sunglasses brands. Our customers consistently find what they’re looking for at The Optical Shoppe.

The Optical Shoppe Experience

With decades of experience in the optical industry, we know how to help customers find the sunglasses or eyeglasses they want. We employ experienced stylists who know how to help customers find glasses that frame their face the right way. The opticians at The Optical Shoppe in Metairie want to help you find the right brand, the right frames, the right fit.

Lens Technology

The Optical Shoppe offers a variety of lens technologies as well. That includes digital surfacing, progressive lenses, computer lenses, advanced lens materials, polarized, photochromic, mirrored lenses and more. Essentially, if you want to protect your eyes and improve your vision, we’re here to help.

Why The Optical Shoppe?

The truth is that our customer service is what sets us apart. If you need an adjustment, come by and we’ll get it done. If you need to know how to properly clean your lenses, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. Glasses, whether sunwear or prescriptive, play too big of a role in our lives for you not to have someone you can trust to ask technical questions.

Most importantly, we're a local business in Metairie. The Optical Shoppe is new to Metairie Road, but it has been in existence in Louisiana for decades and we're involved in our local communities in both Metairie and Baton Rouge. 

Contact us today by calling the Metairie location at 504-301-1726 or by filling out the online form here.