Fall Eyewear Trends to Look Out For

Fall Eyewear Trends to Look Out For

Fall Eyewear Trends to Look Out For

Fall Eyewear Trends to Look Out For

Fall Eyewear Trends to Look Out For

Eyewear has come a long way in the last few years. Today, eyeglasses do more than provide clear vision—they have become essential accessories that can enhance an individual’s look. There are good reasons eyewear designers come up with unique frames in different shapes and colors to suit different tastes. The following are fall eyewear trends to look out for as you choose new eyewear to complement your look.

Round Frames


Round eyeglasses are striking and are a trend to look out for this fall. They are part hipster, part retro, and plenty cool. They are ideal for any environment, easily moving from business to casual. 

If you prefer a bold look, choose large round frames. For a more understated look, small round frames are perfect. Two-tone gradient eyeglasses give off a retro look. Before jumping on the round-frame bandwagon, consider your face shape. The frames suit oval and angled features.

Bold Colors


Colored eyeglass frames have been trending all year, and this is bound to continue through fall. The bold color trend is popular as people continue to embrace maximalism in 2022. Coming out of the pandemic, people were looking to put the “unprecedented times” behind them and look for something positive. Colors have traditionally been used to depict positive and vibrant energy. This is visible in the current eyewear trends.  

Cat-eye Frames


An eyewear look that has been popular all year is the cat-eye. The fun frames are stylish, and they help complement any outfit. Cat-eyes release the inner feline in any woman who wants the perfect touch to a feminine and polished look. 

The look is perfect and versatile and is available in basic bold frames. You can go for the minimal look with black or brown frames. Alternatively, you can choose fun prints or bold colors to make a statement.  

Oversized Frames


Oversize eyewear has been around for a few years, and the trend looks to continue with trendy fall collections. Frames covering half the face are popular among those looking to make a bold statement. 

You can choose round, square, or rectangular frames based on your face shape. Oversize frames can be plain or embellished for different effects. Adding a silver or gold chain is an easy way to make a statement while remaining functional.

Square or Rectangular Frames

If round frames are not for you, the good news is that square and rectangular eyewear are trendy. The eyeglasses are simple and modern to suit any personality. Oversized square glasses are a hot trend, and thick frames give off a nerdy, retro vibe. 

Some square and rectangular frames have slightly round edges, flattering virtually all faces. The geek-chic eyeglasses are available in bright prints or bold colors and can help complement any outfit. 

Other eyewear trends to look out for include sci-fi-inspired eyeglasses, frames with bold logos, and party-ready frames with shiny details. Other fall trends are retro aviators, classic tortoise-shell frames, barely-there wireframes, and tiny frames. 

For more eyewear trends to look out for, visit Optical Shoppe at our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can also call (225) 209-9928 to learn more.

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