Digital Screen: Protection Blue Light Lenses

Digital Screen: Protection Blue Light Lenses

Digital Screen: Protection Blue Light Lenses

Digital Screen: Protection Blue Light Lenses

Digital Screen: Protection Blue Light Lenses

The digital devices we have allowed to compound our lives produce harmful blue light. Although blue light does not only come from electronic devices (the sun also produces blue light), the intensity of the light digital devices emit is higher. The light also has a shorter wavelength, which is why the light appears more bluish. Fluorescent lights and light bulbs also produce blue light.


We need blue light to run our daily lives. Unfortunately, blue light is harmful to the eyes.


Natural Blue Light Protection


Unbeknownst to many people, we have natural blue light blockers. The lens of your eye and the cornea are designed to help block light rays from getting to the sensitive retina. Unfortunately, these barriers only block UV rays. All the visible blue light passes through. This is risky for your delicate retina.


Blue Light Lenses


Blue light lenses are a protective shield that reduces the intensity of blue light emitted by digital screens. The glasses work by filtering out the harmful blue light rays.


It is important to note that not all blue light is harmful; it depends on the light’s wavelength. Digital screens emit blue light with different frequencies. Now, the glasses filter out the high-frequency rays and allow the beneficial blue light rays to pass through. This functionality is more advanced and better than the traditional computer lenses that have a yellow hue. The old lenses do not filter out digital light.


Do You Need a Prescription?


No, you do not need a prescription to have the digital lenses. Everyone can access protection for their eyes. However, be careful when making your purchase because some people call the blue light lenses “computer glasses.” Insist on the blue digital lenses, lest you buy computer-distance glasses. Also, do not buy the old kind of computer glasses because they may not work effectively against blue light.


Kindly note that an eye exam is not necessary. Although routine eye exams are recommended, you do not require them to have blue light lenses. All you need to do is walk into a practice, and with the eye care professional’s help, choose a suitable pair of glasses.


You can pair these glasses with your regular prescription contact lenses.


Positive Reviews


Consumers who have used blue light lenses issue positive reports. They say that the lenses work so well that you almost don’t realize you have them. What may change is that while you would previously work on your computer for 4 to 5 hours and have severe eye fatigue, you can now work longer. You may walk out of your 8- or 12-hour shift without feeling too much fatigue. Some say the headaches they get from eyestrain disappear, and they can enjoy their working day. Others report having significant relief from achy eyes after taking on blue light glasses. Going by the positive reports, you ought to get yourself a pair.


Learn more about protecting your eyes from digital screens with blue light lenses, Optical Shoppe in Baton Rouge, LA at (225) 209-9928.

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