Before You Buy Glasses, Ask “What’s My Vision?”

With some of the most luxurious brands in the industry on our shelves, we at the Optical Shoppe specialize in style and technology, and provide every customer personalized attention. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff will assist you with all your eyewear needs.

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So, What is Your Vision?

Central to our business is the ability to accommodate a variety of needs when it comes to optics. Whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted, or have an astigmatism, we have what you need in terms of styles and lens technology. Of course, it is always essential to get routine eye check-ups with your optometrist/ophthalmologist to make sure that your eyes are healthy and functioning properly. If you have vision problems, the good news is that we got you covered. You’ll be strolling the town more confident than ever in a classy pair of Tom Ford, or maybe some iconic Ray Bans. 

Taking Lens to New Heights

Second to our superb customer service is the innovation we provide with our selection of lens technology. Our experienced staff will assist you with the process of finding the right lens. After a personalized assessment of lifestyle and important factors such as occupation, hobbies, sports, and screen time, we can appropriately recommend suitable lenses. Some of the different types of lenses we offer include:

●      Digitally surfaced lenses

●      Progressive lenses

●      Computer lenses

●      Phoenix (Trivex) lenses

●      Polycarbonate lenses

●      High-index lenses

●      No-Glare lenses

●      Polarized lenses

●      Photochromic lenses

●      Mirrored lenses

Staying ahead of the technological curve is integral to our success here at The Optical Shoppe.

Taking Customer Service to Another Level

 Here at The Optical Shoppe, we love crafting the optimal experience through excellent customer service, a comfortable environment and highly-trained staff. We pride ourselves on continuously creating value for our customers by providing the ultimate eyewear experience. From the brands we offer to the variety of lens technology to suit all eyewear needs, we strive to give the best. At The Optical Shoppe, you are family. 

Start 2018 With Focus. Contact The Optical Shoppe.  

Whether you want styling opinions, need a fitting, or just want to more information about vision and glasses in general, we are here for you. Our team is eager to answer any looming questions or ease any hesitations you may have. We are lovers of all things optic, and are here to help you! Don’t wait to find the glasses of your dreams, get in touch today!