Metairie Sunglasses Store Sells High-Quality Brands

The Optical Shoppe is a Metairie sunglasses store that is proud to be able to sell high-quality sunglass brands. However, we do more than sell fashion. We sell eye safety and health as well. At The Optical Shoppe, we know how important glasses can be in terms of protecting your eyes.



Metairie Sunglass Store

The Optical Shoppe in Metairie is located on Metairie Road, near Langenstein’s. The store sells  some of the highest quality sunglass brands on the market right now. This includes:

●      Costa

●      Maui Jim

●      Krewe

●      Ray Ban

●      Gucci

●      Tom Ford

●      Prada

●      And many more!

These represent some of the most highly sought after and fashion-forward sunglasses brands. Our customers consistently find what they’re looking for at The Optical Shoppe.

The Optical Shoppe Experience

With decades of experience in the optical industry, we know how to help customers find the sunglasses or eyeglasses they want. We employ experienced stylists who know how to help customers find glasses that frame their face the right way. The opticians at The Optical Shoppe in Metairie want to help you find the right brand, the right frames, the right fit.

Lens Technology

The Optical Shoppe offers a variety of lens technologies as well. That includes digital surfacing, progressive lenses, computer lenses, advanced lens materials, polarized, photochromic, mirrored lenses and more. Essentially, if you want to protect your eyes and improve your vision, we’re here to help.

Why The Optical Shoppe?

The truth is that our customer service is what sets us apart. If you need an adjustment, come by and we’ll get it done. If you need to know how to properly clean your lenses, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. Glasses, whether sunwear or prescriptive, play too big of a role in our lives for you not to have someone you can trust to ask technical questions.

Most importantly, we're a local business in Metairie. The Optical Shoppe is new to Metairie Road, but it has been in existence in Louisiana for decades and we're involved in our local communities in both Metairie and Baton Rouge. 

Contact us today by calling the Metairie location at 504-301-1726 or by filling out the online form here.


Glasses Store in Baton Rouge Offering Styling Appointments

Most optical shops or vision stores focus on one thing: do the glasses fit? Opticians should have this as a focus, no pun intended. But that doesn’t mean their responsibilities have to end there. The opticians and stylists at The Optical Shoppe glasses store in Baton Rouge are now offering styling appointments and fittings.


Styling Appointments & Fittings

Plenty of glasses stores in Baton Rouge will offer you access to various brands of glasses or sunglasses. Few will give you helpful, actionable, input on how you look in your glasses and how you could better suit your facial structure or fashion sense with your eyewear. The Optical Shoppe has been operating successfully in Baton Rouge for almost thirty-five years! This is because our customers value the input of professionals who will communicate with them openly and honestly about how they look.

Exclusive Brands To Try

The Optical Shoppe is also an exclusive glasses store in Baton Rouge for a number of brands of sunglasses and eyeglasses, including Face-A-Face, Lindberg, Dita, and others. Do you think you’ve seen all the glasses that Baton Rouge has to offer? Until you’ve stepped into The Optical Shoppe, that’s not the case. Come into the store and try out exclusive brands along with the others we have to choose from.

Make A Day Of It

The Optical Shoppe in Baton Rouge is surrounded by clothing boutiques, restaurants, and retailers that are well worth visiting! Make a day of it and come see the Bocage Shopping Center in all its glory. On a nice day, you can spend hours shopping here and still not see all that we have to offer. Just make sure to come into The Optical Shoppe and take a look at our latest frames.

Shop Local in Baton Rouge

We're a local business that has been in Baton Rouge for decades. When you shop here, you're supporting a local business that is involved in the community. We regularly participate in giveaways in the Baton Rouge area because we see important things happening in our city. So please, shop local.

See You Soon

If you want to get stylish glasses in Baton Rouge from stylists and opticians who will work with you to find what works best for your face, skin tone, and style: The Optical Shoppe in Baton Rouge is the only option.

Where to Get KREWE Glasses in Baton Rouge

What Are KREWE Glasses?

KREWE eyewear merges modern style with exquisite craftsmanship. Made iconic by their celebration of individual style through culturally inspired frames, the New Orleans based glasses are an essential to every wardrobe. KREWE Glasses not only revere individuality, they represent it within every pair. They’re designed based on the philosophy that “no two frames are the same” by using a handmade, small-batch process that combines vibrant, plant-based acetates with durable, premium metals - complete with optimum lenses for 100% UVA/B eye protection. Come experience the sensational feeling of owning a pair of KREWE Glasses at the The Optical Shoppe in Baton Rouge.  

Model wearing Krewe glasses. If you're looking for Krewe glasses in Baton Rouge, come see The Optical Shoppe!

Model wearing Krewe glasses. If you're looking for Krewe glasses in Baton Rouge, come see The Optical Shoppe!


Why Are KREWE Glasses So Popular?

It’s simple. The cutting edge, yet classic appearance balanced with the power of 100% protection makes them an essential. With individuality at the core, KREWE offers a plethora of eyeglasses that come in all shapes and sizes, for women and women alike. Their relevance never fades, as there are options ideal for all four seasons.

Born in New Orleans, each pair of KREWE Glasses is crafted to embody the cultural richness of this city. As New Orleans has become iconic through its marriage of food, music, and diversity, KREWE’s emergence as an leader in the eyewear market is centered around its celebration of authenticity, heterogeneity, and beauty. KREWE has become a recognized brand around the globe.     

Where Can I Buy KREWE Glasses in Baton Rouge?

The Optical Shoppe in Baton Rouge has an extensive selection of KREWE Glasses for all your needs. Located in Bocage Village, we are the premier luxury eyewear source in Baton Rouge. Our collection of KREWE eyewear accommodates men and women of all ages. Explore this season’s most prominent KREWE frames. We offer an array of styles for every taste!  

Why Shop at The Optical Shoppe?

It’s simple. Shopping at The Optical Shoppe is more than a Saturday errand. It’s an experience that transcends other run of the mill shopping trips. We work hard to accommodate your unique eyesight by providing a variety of lenses with state-of-the-art technology. We are locally owned and have been the leader in designer glasses in Baton Rouge for over thirty years.

Our passion for the Baton Rouge community is reflected in our outstanding customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable and eager to help with questions about quality, trends, and finding the perfect fit. The experience at the Optical Shoppe is unequaled, with personalization as the key differentiator. We optimize the process by providing expert assistance in a cozy environment.

Don’t Wait to Look Dazzling, Contact Us Today

If you are ready to leave an impression everywhere you go, we have just what you need. Whether you want to explore our novel styles, be fitted for the perfect frames, or are ready to order the glasses of your dreams, book an appointment here. We would love your company!